Rampant Lion Field

Take I-15 north, through Victorville till you reach the Dale Evan's Parkway Make a right and then make an almost immediate left onto the big dirt road to the left. Follow this road till you see a major fork and take the left fork!! Follow that and you will come to the field!! The drive is further then it was to Lenix but it is all freeway except for the last two miles.

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Where? In the High Desert North of Victorville.

When: Currently we are not open every weekend, however watch the pickup game forum and the Ops forum for our events.

We are located in the desert just north of Victorville, on Privately owned land, with permission to use adjacent SBC land for larger events.

The property is not incorporated and therefore has no address, the wonderful thing is that there are no neighbors, no businesses, no private roads to worry about. The bad news is that really, you need a vehicle with high ground clearance to reach the field. Low rider cars will not make it.

Directions: Available on a request basis.

Price: the same as I have always done, 15 bucks for normal pickup game events, higher for Op events based on what's involved, one day, or Weekend, etc... Anyone who knows me knows the drill here. At this time however, we will only have drinks and water on hand for sure, we hope to provide Hotdogs as well, Just have to get the cooking stuff out there.

There is currently No restroom facilities, no water or Electricity at the site! So...

Be sure to have all Batteries charged! We will sometimes have a generator on site, but not all the time!


Cheating is dealt with harshly! One warning, the second time your caught... BANNED!

BIO-BB's ONLY! Why? We want to keep the desert looking good and SBC likes the idea!

FPS AEG's 400 fps (410 fps is the extreme limit for full auto use) w/.20

Sniper, bolt action single shot... 550FPS w/.20

Things you WILL NEED to play here!

Combat boots, at least 6" high, preferably 7 or 8 inch high. (Why? to protect your ankles.)

Knee pads! The ground is rocky, knee pads will not only protect your knees and your uniform, but will actually make kneeling or crawling more comfortable.

Red rags will now be required items!! If you dont have one, we will sell you one, cost will be 1 dollar. (We use to give these out free, or loan them out free. But we would run out eventually as folks forgot to return them at the end of a day.)

Rampant Lion Field

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