Operation: شب بخیر / Good Night

Posted by Desert Rats Admin on Sep 30 2012
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Basic Operation Rules (PDF)

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Event Registration

Uniform Requirements

Tops and bottoms must match.  Gear must be of similar color, no green gear on tan BDUs.  No ACU or Multicam patterns, must be green or tan in color, not combined or other!

Israeli: Green or Woodland type patterns: DPM, Woodland or similar
Iranian:  Tan or Desert type patterns: DCU, Desert DPM or similar

Weapon Requirements

Max FPS is 410FPS with a .20g BB, no exceptions.
AEGs/Rifles:  NO HIGH CAPACITY/WINDING MAGS!  Mid, Low & Standards only
SAW: No mag restrictions.  Must be actual replica (no M4s...  MAXIMUM OF 2 PER TEAM!)
Grenades:  Live action (Thunderbee) only!

Recommended Equipment

Nightvision Goggles are allowed!  Flashlights as well, but this is not necessarily recommended.

Price: $30 (Until November 1st!)
Minimum Age: 15 (Full Face protection under 18)

Event Registration

OP: Good Night (Shab Bekheir) November 10 2012

$30 per player includes glow sticks (Safety and Team Identification).  Until November 1st or until we fill all slots!

Code Red Airsoft Park (Directions)

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