Operation: Dumbasscus (AAR)

Posted by Desert Rats Admin on Sep 23 2013
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After Action Report

Mission 1: Enter Embassy, secure
British (Group 1) A small group of British forces entered the embassy that was being held by unknown numbers of Syrian civilians. Upon entering, resistance was good and British quickly took losses on the frontal assault. A small detachment entered from the back of the facility and eliminated remaining hostiles. British lost 5 of 7 players.

American (Group 2) While securing their embassy, a coordinated simultaneous assault was placed. Upon securing entry points into the facility, hostile forces continued to hold American advancement. Slowly, rooms were cleared and the embassy was secured. Americans lost 3 of 6 players.

Mission 2: Evacuate Embassy
British (Group 1) Equipped with advanced equipment, British forces split into two fireteams. While one group actively engaged targets, the second group used their technological advantage to avoid confrontation and reached the embassy quickly to facilitate in the evacuation of embassy officials. An off-site facility was secured and all intel was collected to prevent being compromised by rebels. British forces were able to complete all objectives and secure all intel and personnel.

American (Group 2) Because of the distraction provided by British forces, the American embassy was not heavily pressured by rebels. However, the rescue was not so luck. Traveling through heavily infiltrated urban areas, American forces were stalled and had trouble reaching the embassy. After calling for assistance from British forces, eventually progress was made to within the boundaries of the embassy. Feeling the pressure, the small contigency inside the embassy decided the risk of leaving the facility to be less than maintaining a defensive position in a small building. Luckily, using side streets and the cover of darkness they were able to reach the extraction point. Americans completed only part of their mission and failed to locate and detain the mastermind of the embassy attacks.


Thanks to all the players who participated in this event, overall was a great outcome in terms of game play. Syrain/Civilian players, we will try to be a little more descriptive on your role rather but overall you did an excellent job, even when presented with the disadvantage of communications and night vision.

Mike (Desert Rats)

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