Operation: Dumbasscus

Posted by Desert Rats Admin on Aug 13 2013
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Basic Operation Rules (PDF)

Flyer (PDF)

Map (PDF)

NOTE:  This is a single, continuous mission.  Expect to be on the field 2-3 hours.  You will be allowed to exit for water, cool-down, reloads, etc.

Event Registration

Uniform Requirements

Westerners: Any matching camoflauge BDU sets (Woodland, DPM, MARPAT, ACU, Multicam, etc.)
Civilians:  Any non-BDU/Camo clothing, ABSOLUTELY NO CAMO PATTERNS! (Vests must be flat colors also, no camo)

Weapon Requirements

Max FPS is 410FPS with a .20g BB, no exceptions.
AEGs/Rifles:  No BOX mags, we will limit quantity on person
SAW: No mag restrictions.  Must be actual replica (no M4s...) and have sidearm. MAXIMUM OF 2 FOR WESTERNERS ONLY! No SAW for civilian)
Grenades:  Live action (Thunderbee) only!

Recommended Equipment

Flashlights are a good idea/bad idea thing.

Westerners: Nightvision Goggles are allowed!  
Civilians:  Max of 8 radios on field between all players!  Shouting and hand signals required! :P NO NVG!

Price: $20 (Pre-reg for guaranteed team placement!)
Minimum Age: 15 (Full Face protection under 18)

Event Registration

OP: Dumbasscus - September 21, 2013

$20 per player! Bring glowsticks!

Code Red Airsoft Park (Directions)

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