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Posted by Desert Rats Admin on Dec 05 2012
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After the sudden, unexplainable collapse of most world governments, people are fighting for resources including food, water, ammunition and weapons.   Around the world battles rage and destruction and panic are rampant.  Stuck in this battle are remnants of prepared, well-armed communities and other less prepared individuals and groups.


The well-equipped community of Okaysher took action long before the calamity and stocked weapons, ammunition and supplies.  Fortified in a strong location and defended by heavily armed and trained personnel, Okaysher is ready to defend its existence, so long as they can keep things together internally...


The loosely established coalition of Yarite is a network of semi-prepared peoples.  These include light defenses and limited supplies.  However, their group acquired an abandoned weapons and ammunition manufacturing facility.  This gives them nearly unlimited weaponry and defenses, if only they had enough materials to make them...


In the rag-tag group of Pharoff, groups of individuals that were ill-prepared mass and have their own individual plans.  With limited resources, these groups use their instinct to infiltrate inside other territories through deception, coercion and force.  With a mix of heavy weapons, explosives and other resources these groups look to destabilize other communities to gain resources of their own.  Nothing is more intimidating then to have nothing to lose...

Non-combatants & Mercenary (Refs)

Played by select individuals, these individuals will not have a "team" and will roam the area at random and can make up stories.  At direction of game control, players will be told to arm or disarm to complete a goal.

Non-combatant:  Disarmed, if shot and can identify aggressor retaliation will come in the form of a loss of a resource (relocated to trenches), attack by mercenary forces or forced death of the shooter.

Game Operation


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