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After Action Report (AAR)

Mission 1: Iranian Infiltration of Negev

Initially Iran was having a very difficult time entering the complex, Israeli forces did an excellent job keeping them out. About 1 hour in, we made a few adjustments to the rules (boundaries) and allowed Iran to get into the facility. After securing the documents, Iranian forces then fought back across the battlefield to secure the extraction point and deliver the documents.

Iran Completed the Primary Objective, was unable to located the secondary objective: 75/100

Mission 2: Israeli commandos capture head Scientist

With the element of surprise, Israeli forces quickly entered the facility and began clearing buildings. Iranian soldiers defended the scientist very well, and was holding the primary building for most of the first 45 minutes. Eventually, Israel captured the VIP and pulled back to a secure area to readjust strategy. It was a great firefight from the facility all the way to the extraction point and was within yards of completing the primary objective. Losses were great on both sides as the last 30 minutes of the game continued. Unfortunately, Iranian forces were able to obtain the scientist and control the last few minutes. Israeli forces managed to the destroy the centrifuge facility in the last few minutes of the game, completing the secondary objective.

Israel Completed the Secondary Objective, could not capture the scientist: 25/100

This is not over...

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